PhD-positions (25 positions) Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Norway

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Deadline: 29 September 2017

PhD-positions (25 positions)

At the Faculty of Medicine, twenty-five (25) PhD-positions are available, starting 1February 2018.


Fifteen (15) positions are open PhD-grants.

These positions are for applicants with Masters’ degree education (or equivalent) relevant for research areas at the faculty. The positions are full-time (100 %) positions and the candidates will be appointed for a period of four (4)years or max 4 months after completed the PhD-degree, if this is achieved within a shorter time than four years. The positions include 25% duty work such as teaching, exam work or supervision,depending on the demands at the department. If you have been previously employed in a recruitment position, this same period of engagement will be deductedfrom the total employment period.


Up to three (3) part-time research fellowship (50 %) are earmarked the National Program for Integrated Clinical Specialist- and PhD-training for dentists.

This position is for applicants with Masters’ degree education (or equivalent) in dentistry. This involves appointment both as PhD-candidate and specialist candidate in a combined full time (100 %) position for the same period of time as for the specialist education. Applicants for this Integrated Clinical Specialist- and PhD-training for dentists should have applied for the national announcement of this program (deadline 10 September 2017) in addition to apply for the PhD-position.

This combined position require an appointment in a PhD-position and admission to the organized research training (PhD program), in addition to admission to the specialist education, all for the same period of time.


Seven (7) PhD-positions are earmarked for applicants that have participated in The Medical Student Research Program

In connection with these positions, candidates are employed on a quota basis, requiring applicants with a completed medical degree ( or a master`s degree in odontology (cand.odont.). These positions are only available for participants who have completed the Medical Student Research Program.


It is a requirement that you enter upon the position directly after the completion of your degree. Candidates who graduate during fall 2017 enter upon the position 1 February 2018, candidates who graduate during spring 2018 enter upon the position 1 September 2018. The successful candidates are employed in a full time (100 %) position for a period of three (3) years, where the time for a completed training component in the organized research training (PhD program) will be deducted, or until max 4 months after completed PhD-degree if this is completed earlier than within the three years.


These PhD-positions do not entail duties in the form of obligatory teaching, but the successful candidates are obliged to work in connection with the Medical Student Training Program for up to 20 hours a year. This line of work is connected to recruitment, public relations and similar, depending on agreement with the Head of the Medical Student Research Program.



The following applies for all the above listed positions:

The positions will be affiliated with a relevant department at the faculty.



It ispossible to combine a part-time (50%) PhD-position with another part-time (50%) position.The total employment period for these combined positions amounts to six (6)years. This must be informed of in the application and must be approved by both employers within starting date.



Evaluation of the applicant:

Applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Applicant: The applicant’s competence, grades and relevant professional activity.
  • Project: The scientific value of the project in addition to its feasibility within the framework of the PhD program and research fellowship.
  • Research environment: The research environment’s ability to develop the candidate, national and international specialist networks, relevant publication activity and experience in supervising. Interdisciplinary projects connected to strong research environments will be emphasized in the evaluation process.


For more information please visit


Organized research training (PhD program):

In a PhD-position at the Faculty of Medicine you will participate in an approved programfor a PhD within the set time period. You must be qualified for the organized researchtraining (PhD program) at the Faculty in order to be accepted for a PhD-position.Thefinal plan for the completion of the organized research training must be received by the Faculty within three months after you have taken up the position.


Main supervisor should be employed at the Faculty of Medicine and at least one of your supervisors must be employed at the Faculty of Medicine. Supervisor must be availableat the Faculty throughout the employment period. There will only be one application evaluated from each main supervisor within each application category.



We can offer:

–     Salary in accordance with level 50 (code 1017/pay framework 20.8) on the government salary scale. For applicants with a completed internship and applicantswith at least one year of employment in a position as a dentist: level 52. Further increases in salary will be based on seniority in the position. For applicants with specialist education: level 58 (code1017/Pay framework 20.15).

–     A good pension scheme in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.


More information:

PhD-positions are fixed term positions. You cannot be employed in a PhD- position for more than one fixed term period at the same institution, or had similar employment at an institution in the region.


You may apply for a PhD-position prior to the completion of your Master’s degree education, but it requires that the education must be completed by the date of appointment stated in the announcement text.


The teaching is usually performed in Norwegian, but at the PhD-program the teaching will be in English. The candidate must be fluent in oral and written English.


For more information regarding technical matters connected to the application process, please contact Adviser at the Section of recruitment Eldbjørg Sanden Søvik (e-mail:, phone +47 55 58 61 42).


For more information on the positions, please contact the Vice Dean Roland Jonsson (e-mail:  phone: +47 55 97 46 49.



Recruitment for positions in the state sector:

State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highestpossible degree.The University of Bergen has therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we achieve a balancedc omposition regarding age and sex andthe recruitment of persons of various ethnic backgrounds. Persons of different ethnic backgrounds and persons with disabilities are therefore encouraged to apply for theposition.


The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position atany time.The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to scientific positions. Information about the applicant may be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants.The applicant will be notified if his/her request is not respected.



How to apply for the positions

Submit application and CV (max 3 pages) using the following template

with a complete overview of former education, relevant experience and attachments electronically to the University of Bergen via the link on this site («Apply for position”).


In the box “My application letter” you must include the title of your project, in addition to the name of your main-and possible additional supervisors. You may apply for both an open and an earmarked position. This must be made clear in the application letter. Hereyou must include which positions you are applying for and whether you are applying foran open or/and an earmarked position.


You may have up to eight attachments.


These must be named according to contents and with numbers from 1-8 as follows:


  1. Project description, maximum six pages, including summary and references. The project description must include topic, problem for discussion and choice of theory and method, template:


  2. Certified copies of diplomas and transcripts of all academic grades.


  3. Applicants whose education is from other countries need to also enclose a certified translation of the diploma and transcript of grades to English or a Scandinavian language, if the original is not in any of these languages. It is required that the applicant enclose confirmation from NOKUT which recognises that their education is of a scope and level corresponding to the level of a Norwegian Master’s degree. Please see for more information about NOKUT’s general recognition.
  4. Possible scientific work (pdf) and list of publications.
  5. Statement from supervisors (max 1 page), main supervisor’s CV (max 3 pages) using the template, candidate production, main supervisor’s publications over the last five years, main supervisor`s number of total PubMed publications, as first, second and last author, and main supervisor`s H-index in accordance with Web of Science. Template:
  6. Review of research group (max 1 page)
  7. -8. Other relevant enclosures


Please note that we will not be able to evaluate your application if lacking important documents.

Applications submitted by e-mail will not be evaluated.

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