Professor-Associate Professor of Dentistry (Periodontics), University of Bergen

Professor-Associate Professor
Study in:Norway
Deadline: November 12, 2017

Full-time permanent position as Professor-Associate Professor of Dentistry (Periodontics) at the Department of Clinical Dentistry

A full-time permanent position as Professor-Associate Professor of dentistry (periodontics) is available at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen. If no qualified applicant applies for the position as professor, it will be open for an appointment to the permanent position of associate professor. The Department is located at the following address: Årstadveien 19/21, 5009 Bergen, Norway.

If no applicant applies for a full-time position, the position may be divided into part-time positions.

See end of page for a description of the position with details on curriculum and area of responsibility, particular duties and other circumstances which will be stressed at the time of appointment.


Additional information on the position is obtainable from Head of Department of Clinical Dentistry, Professor Anne Nordrehaug Åstrøm, phone: +47 55 58 64 83, e-mail: or leader of Section of Periodontics, Professor Henning Lygre, phone +47 55 58 66 47, e-mail:


  • The applicants must have a relevant Norwegian PhD-degree or corresponding qualifications
  • The applicants must have a background in dentistry, and he/she should be approved as a specialist in periodontology and must hold certification as a Norwegian dentist when entering the position
  • Applicants with experience from dental implant treatment are encouraged to apply
  • The applicants must be able to document substantial clinical experience in periodontics, and clinical and theoretical teaching experience, in addition to scientific publications in periodontics
  • Applicants should have research leadership experience as well as experience in coordinating research activities and in strategic research planning


Personal skills will be emphasized and proven willingness and ability to cooperate will be of great importance in the evaluation process.


The teaching language will normally be Norwegian.


Basic teaching training is a requirement. The successful candidate will be offered appropriate training if this requirement has not been met before the appointment.


Professor salary will be paid in accordance with level 76-78 (code 1013) on the government salary scale, at present NOK 698 000 – 743 100 gross p.a. for a full-time position. For an associate professor the initial salary pay grade is 59-62 (code 1011/pay framework 24.3-24.6) on the government salary scale; at present NOK 503 800 – 535 900 gross p.a. for a full-time position; following ordinary meriting regulations. A pension contribute of 2 % will be deducted and deposited to the state pension scheme. In the case of highly qualified applicants a higher salary may be considered.



We can offer

  • A good and challenging international working environment in a faculty with an academic environment that is in the forefront nationally and internationally
  • Professional challenges with opportunities for personal development and skills development
  • A good pension scheme in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund
  • Inclusive workplace (IW)

For more information regarding what the University of Bergen can offer its employees please visit:



The successful applicant will be required to take part in teaching and examination programmes in force at any time and to comply without additional remuneration with any amendments that may be introduced by legislation with regard to curriculum, pension schemes and retirement age.


Women in particular are invited to apply. If, in the opinion of the evaluation committee, several applicants have approximately equivalent qualifications, the rules on equal opportunities laid down in the Personnel Regulations for Academic Positions will be applied.


State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highest possible degree. The University of Bergen has therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we achieve a balanced age and sex composition and the recruitment of persons of various ethnic backgrounds. Persons of different ethnic backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply for the position.


The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to scientific positions.


Information about the applicant may be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants. The applicant will be notified if his/her request is not respected.


The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.



How to apply for the position:


Upload the following and send the application and CV via the link “Apply for this job” at this website:


  • CV with a complete overview of the applicant’s education, earlier positions and other activities
  • scanned copies of your certificates
  • a list of attachments providing evidence of the applicant’s teaching qualifications
  • a complete list of scholarly works, with information about where these have been published
  • a list of works on which the committee should place special emphasis in its evaluation with information on where they have been published
  • the scholarly works, or parts of such works on which the committee should place special emphasis in its evaluation (max 15 for a professor and max 10 for an associate professor)


It is very important that each of the scholarly works on which the committee should place special emphasis, is attached in its entirety.


The applications with attachments are sent electronically to the expert committee.


Please note that the applications will be forwarded to the committee with the information and attachments uploaded in Jobbnorge at closing date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure all relevant documentation is present.


Reference is made to “Rules of procedure for appointments to chairs at the University of Bergen.”

Please note that applications sent by e-mail will not be considered.


Further information about our employment process can be found here.


Closing date for applications12 November 2017




Description of position

A full-time permanent position as professor of dentistry (periodontics) is available at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen. If no qualified applicant applies for the position as professor, it will be open for an appointment to the permanent position of associate professor.


The Faculty of Medicine at University of Bergen has five departments. At the Department of Clinical Dentistry the main activities are research, supervision at PhD-level, promotion of research news to the public, graduate training of dentists and dental hygienists and postgraduate training in dentistry.


The Department of Clinical Dentistry has approximately 65 positions; 30 positions for scientific staff, approximately 15 PhD students and 15 persons in technical/administrative positions. The Department is located in Årstadveien 19/21, 5009 Bergen.


The position is connected to Section of Periodontics, with working obligations in agreement with the existing curriculum. The Section of Periodontics has 2.5 scientific positions, at present all are professors.


The teaching duties at the Section include teaching of dental students and dental hygienists and postgraduate training of dentists. The Section of Periodontics has the responsibility for a 3-years program, qualifying for specialist authorization in periodontics. There currently are four students in the programme. Experience from dental implant treatment is an advantage.

In the curriculum, cooperation between the different units is highlighted.


The research activities at the Department are organized into four research groups. The thematic areas of research are biomaterials, oral infections and inflammations, clinical dental research, and guided tissue regeneration. Applicants with research experience in periodontics will be preferred.


The teaching language will normally be Norwegian. The position requires the ability to be able to teach in Norwegian or one of the other Scandinavian languages within two years of his/her appointment. Norwegian courses will be offered.


Basic teaching competence is also a requirement, but the successful applicant who does not have such competence at the time of his/her appointment will be offered training and will be required to produce evidence of such competence within one year of the date of appointment. This deadline is extended to two years for the successful applicant who does not master a Scandinavian language at the time of appointment.


Responsibilities and duties

Research-, teaching- (theoretical and clinical), supervision-, exam administration and administrative duties are mandatory according to existing regulations. The one employed will, in addition to teaching in periodontics, have teaching obligations in integrated teaching courses across units.

Reference is made to the University’s General Regulations which state that as part of the normal duties of the position, the successful applicant may also be required to undertake teaching, supervision and work in connection with examinations in his or her particular field outside the organisational unit to which the appointment belongs.


The University of Bergen emphasizes that teaching qualifications are to be given real weight in appointments to middle and top academic positions. Applicants must produce evidence of their own teaching qualifications. This can be done by submitting, for instance:


  • evidence of completed teaching training
  • evaluation reports of the applicant’s teaching
  • overview over scope and level of teaching
  • overview over supervision of post-graduate and doctoral candidates
  • student awards received
  • own teaching publications
  • own teaching compendia and material
  • reports showing participation in projects related to the development of
  • teaching, such as alternative forms of teaching, supervision or teaching environments


All applicants will be evaluated by an expert committee, and the employment board will make the decision based on this report from the committee, an eventual interview, trial lecture, and other relevant information as well as the strategy and priority of the institution.

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