Leadership from Inside-out – Being an Exemplary Leader for Intercultural Teams

Study in:Hungary
Deadline: 1 December 2017
It is an intensive experience-based programme that will enable you to explore key leadership and cultural concepts and theories (e.g. situational leadership, Hoefstede’s cultural dimension theory) and their associated skills.

Being a leader is a special privilege given by people and it comes with certain responsibilities and expectations. While leaders are aplenty, good leaders are few and far between.

20-26 March 2018 | Creative Space, Hollókő, Hungary


Application deadline: 1 December 2017


Exemplary leaders who understand the sensitivities of different cultures and can effectively bring people together are even harder to come by. With the increasing complexity of issues our societies are facing right now, we need leaders who care about making positive change, starting with themselves. We need leaders who understand the importance of bringing people of different cultures together to build trust, synergy and mutual respect. We need leaders who dedicate their life purpose to creating positive ripple effects that transcends cultures and boundaries. We need leaders who care about growing others to be the best leaders they can be.
We believe that authentic leadership should start by looking within oneself – knowing who I am, what I stand for and what my purpose is. Only when we have the answers to these questions should we then look outward to others – who I want to influence, how I lead others and the kind of impact that I create on the people around me.

We invite you to take this exciting journey to explore the depths of your inner space with us.

Who is this course for?
“Leadership from Inside-out” is a training course for trainers, facilitators, youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers, who actively work with international / intercultural groups, who want to enable individuals to reach their full potential and who, above all, are keen on developing themselves as the kind of leader that makes a real difference.

Available downloads:

This Training Course is for 30 participants from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU and recommended for Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Project managers, EVS mentors/tutors, Educators, Teachers, Company managers, leaders, executives

Working language(s): easy-to-understand English

Organizer: CCIVS – Coordintating Committee for International Voluntary Service (NGO/Others)

CCIVS is an International Non Governmental
Organisation (INGO) engaged in the field
of International Voluntary Service (IVS).
CCIVS’ main focus is the quest to achieve
‘change in the minds of human beings’
by bringing together people of different
backgrounds. With its Secretariat based
at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, CCIVS
has always worked closely with the UN
system and complemented UNESCO’s intellectual
activity and goals in the fields of
Education, Science and Culture through a
hands-on, non-formal education approach,
transforming societies at the grassroots
level. CCIVS has 70 years of experience
leading its worldwide member organisations
implementing international voluntary
service projects, reaching and supporting
around 1 million people all over the
world. The CCIVS Training Course Series
represent a tool to share its expertise
and to reach out to the wider public
and future leaders in all walks of lives.
More about CCIVS: www.ccivs.org
More about the training course: www.ccivs.org/trainings

Contact for questions:

Tamás Mahner

E-Mail: trainings@ccivs.org

Phone: +36205821051


400 € for people with paid jobs
360 € for students and people with no paid jobs
60 € for CCIVS members (limited, 4 places available)

The contribution covers the following costs:
– 5-night accommodation in an UNESCO World Heritage site
– food according to your dietary needs
– rental of a training room with high quality equipment training materials

It does not cover the travel costs, visa and insurance.
This training is not funded by Erasmus+ or any other grant.

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