PhD Studentship: Numerical Upscaling and model identification for Lithium-Ion batteries, University of Nottingham, UK

University of Nottingham
Study in:UK
Deadline: 13 March 2018

PhD Studentship: Numerical Upscaling and model identification for Lithium-Ion batteries

Closing Date
Tuesday, 13th March 2018
Mathematical Sciences

PhD studentship in Mathematical Sciences

Numerical Upscaling and model identification for Lithium-Ion batteries

Supervised by Dr Matteo Icardi

This project will be based at the University of Nottingham in the School of

Mathematical Sciences in the group of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and in collaboration with the GeoEnergy Research Centre.

The increasing usage of batteries needs to be supported by more accurate and faster mathematical models. Rechargeable battery models for control applications are typically defined by system identification techniques. Despite their computational simplicity, these models fail to capture the physical meaning and the dependence of the parameters on the underlying chemical-physical processes. Another mostly unresolved issue is the simulation of irreversible and complex non-linear phenomena such as fast (dis)charge and degradation. In this project, we aim to develop new mathematical techniques to develop simple and efficient reduced-order models, as an alternative to classical equivalent circuit models, to enable the fast, yet accurate, simulation of short and long-term behaviour of lithium-ion cells. Starting from the well-known porous electrode theory and PDE continuum models, we aim to derive simple differential equations that can retain the interesting features of the full model (e.g., polarisation, non-linearities). This will be integrated with data coming from both micro- and system scale experimental data into via machine-learning approaches.

The project is part of a wider research effort that sees the collaboration of several UK and international academic partners, and industrial partners in the Automotive and Manufacturing sector.

Summary: UK/EU students – Tuition Fees paid, and full Stipend at the RCUK rate, which is £14,296 per annum for 2016/17. There will also be some support available for you to claim for limited conference attendance. The scholarship length will be 3 or 3.5, depending on the qualifications and training needs of the successful applicant.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements: We require an enthusiastic graduate with a 1st class degree in Applied Mathematics (or other field such as Physics or Engineering, showing evidence of deep knowledge of continuum transport models and numerical methods), preferably at MMath/MSc level, or an equivalent overseas degree (in exceptional circumstances a 2:1 class degree, or equivalent, can be considered).

Apply: This studentship is available to start in January or September 2018 and remain open until it is filled. To apply please visit the University Of Nottingham application page:

For any enquiries please

This studentship is open until filled. Early application is strongly encouraged.

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