Lecturer Position: Mechanical Engineering with a focus on integrated product, KTH, Sweden

Study in:Sweden
Deadline: 25 Jan 2018

KTH is one of Europe’s leading technical universities and an important arena for knowledge. As Sweden’s largest universities for research and education, we gather students, researchers and faculty from around the world. Our research and training include both science that all branches of engineering as well as architecture, industrial economics, urban planning, engineering history and philosophy.

Subject matter

Mechanical Engineering with a focus on integrated product.

Subject Description

The subject includes computer-based design tools CAD tools and calculation tools.


Responsibilities include participation in teaching undergraduate and actively participate in the educational development of the institution.

As a teacher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, you have full responsibility for your courses, which in addition to teaching, inter alia, means development with regard to new scientific research and industrial development, assessment, project supervision, evaluation and accountability to the course objectives are consistent with the aims of education. It also means to actively cooperate with teaching colleagues in the courses and programs you teach in.

Teaching will take place mainly within the framework of the Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, but can also occur in the new / other education programs.


To qualify as a lecturer if he has

  • graduated from undergraduate education in the subject area of ​​the position or equivalent qualification,
  • professional skills that are of relevance to the subject matter and the duties that the position will involve, and
  • pedagogical experience.

assessment criteria

The subject-specific skills and professional skills must be well documented and relevant to employment content.

It is of the highest importance to the applicant

  • has industrial experience or other relevant experience, typically at least four years qualified position related to the relevant subject, the skill for development work in the field is important,
  • have high educational qualifications. The assessment of teaching skills should also refer to the person’s ability to develop as a teacher in the long term,
  • can teach in Swedish.

It is the second highest importance to the applicant

  • have a formal university teaching,
  • is communicative, structured, quality-conscious, self-motivated and have good interpersonal skills,
  • have knowledge and teaching experience in the subject integrated product by subject description.

It is also significant that the applicant:

  • have the ability to interact with the community,
  • have knowledge of additive manufacturing, database management, ergonomics and innovation process,
  • administrative experience, as well as
  • have the ability and skills in developing and managing activities and staff. This includes being aware of diversity and equality issues with particular focus on gender equality.

union representatives

You’ll find contact information for union representatives on KTH’s website .


You as the applicant has the primary responsibility for the application is complete on the basis of the ad. Applications must be received at the last deadline at midnight, CET / CEST (Central European Time / Central European Summer Time).

You apply via the KTH recruitment system.

For more information about KTH’s assessment, see Appointments procedure for teachers at the Royal. Institute of Technology


We decline any contact with the staffing and recruitment, as well as selling additional job ads.

Type of employment Permanent position
assignments of Full-time
Number of positions 1
employment rate 100 %
place Sodertalje
County Wisconsin
Land Sweden
References M-2017-0817
  • Torbjörn Eriksson, Head ,, Email: toer@kth.se, phone: 08 790 95 95
  • Anton Lagerback, Human Resources Officer ,, Email: lagerba@kth.se, phone: 08 790 76 28
Published 2017-11-23
Application deadline 2018-01-25

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