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Research Assistant
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5 days
Deadline: 28 February 2018

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Scientific assistant


  • Deadline
    Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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    NTNU – Norwegian University of Science
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    Institute of Architecture and Planning
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At the Department of Architecture and Planning is a free 100% position as a research assistant. The period of employment is for two years with effect not later than 04.01.2018.

Institute of Architecture and Planning offer courses in four different master programs respectively architecture, physical planning, property development and management and Urban Ecological Planning. For further information about the department see:

The scientific assistant seats should primarily serve to strengthen and further develop the teaching of:

  • Urban Ecological Planning
  • physical Planning

The tasks will consist in planning, coordinating and teaching at Masters level in collaboration with other academic staff. The scientific assistant to help in teaching the theory, methodology and design and work include independent supervision of students who perform engineering tasks and exercises, as well as planning and coordination of fieldwork. The work includes a three-month field stay in India in the fall semesters with students in Urban Ecological Planning. It is required that the position holder assumes an active role in the planning and coordination of field work, and is present and active in the operation of the field work.

A number of working hours will be deposited by the department for common tasks. This may include participation in research and development.

Up to 20% of the working time can be allocated for academic study. This time can be in agreement with the head of the department used for preparation of project descriptions and / or PhD studies.


Applicants must have taken the degree of Master of Urban Design and Planning or equivalent. Relevant work experience, diploma work and master courses in architecture and real estate development and management are emphasized in the assessment of the application. Practical, theoretical and methodological expertise to be documented. Both the quality and scope of relevant skills will be considered.

Candidates must also have a strong interest in the field, interest in pedagogy, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to coordinate and skills in CAD and graphic computer programs (Adobe or its equivalent). Field experience in low-income countries will also be emphasized in the evaluation of the application.

Application requirements

The application letter must provide an overview of the applicant’s qualifications of education and professional experience in accordance with the eligibility requirements above. Furthermore, the applicant must briefly state the motivation to apply for the position. The application must include the following:

  • CV
  • Short summary / description of 02.04 relevant project works
  • Relevant work certificates with references
  • The institute looks research assistant. positions as a possible preparation for future PhD studies. Applicants with an interest in PhD studies are encouraged to attach a description of maximum 2 A4 pages outlining theme, objective and methodical approach for such further study.

It will be taken into account in joint work. If, in the joint work is difficult to identify the applicant’s specific contribution, the application must include clarification of the applicant’s role and involvement.

Selected applicants invited for interview.

Details of the position can be obtained at the Department of Architecture and Planning at the presenter role Aranya on telephone +47 73 59 50 21 or email .

Wages and working conditions

The employee is obliged to participate in the implementation of educational programs in accordance with the relevant curriculum and to participate in the further development of the discipline and the teaching program.

For research assistant positions generally apply: Appointment as a research assistant happens for a period of up to two years, minus the time he may have been temporarily appointed to the position. Research assistant to perform 100% duty in the period.

The position as research assistant, stillingskode 1020 paid in accordance with the Norwegian State Salary. Of which 2% contribution to the state pension fund.

The appointment is made on the terms that apply at any time for public servants, and the appointee must accept any changes in the workspace.

There is an assumption that the appointee is resident so that he / she can be present at and available to the institution.

A good working environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, disability or cultural background.

In accordance with new public information about the applicant be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be listed on the list of applicants.

The application and attachment are sent electronically via this page and marked with 2018/3198 deadline 02/28/2018

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