JSMF; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mathematics, USA

James S. McDonnell Foundation
Study in:USA
Deadline: 30 June 2018

JSMF; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mathematics, USA Award in Studying Complex Systems provides fellowships to students pursuing PhD training in the multidisciplinary field of complex systems science. The JSMF Fellowship is envisioned to provide students in the final stages of completing a Ph.D degree more scope in identifying and getting postdoc training opportunities in complex systems research. This Fellowship is conceived to provide students with a chance to look for potential postdoctoral research opportunities on the basis of their interest and aspiration to obtain additional skills and experience that will further their quest of careers in complex systems science.

JSMF Award Details:

  • Total amount is $200,000 USD for min. two years and not more than three years.
  • Cost of the full postdoc salary or stipend and unconventional benefits must be paid in full from the fellowship.
  • JSMF funds are not to be used as primary source of laboratory support.
  • Note: JSMF’s are not granted until the student applies to and is accepted as a postdoctoral fellow at a recognized institution and the institution submits an acceptable application to JSMF.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The fellowship is for PhD students with theoretical or experimental training in Complex Systems Science that expect their graduate training to be completed by late 2016 or in 2017.
  • Earliest date of start for a fellowship is November 1, 2016.
  • Note: fellowship is not for individuals that already have a PhD or students that have already identified a postdoc position and a postdoc mentor as there are traditional funding mechanisms available for these students.
  • Applicants must not already hold PhD degree or expect to receive one before the application last date.
  • Applicants must have theoretical or experimental training in Complex Systems Science.

Fellowships can only be used to support postdoc training at a qualified institution. This includes institutions with tax free status, institutions that are government instrumentalities or foreign equivalent institutions.


To submit an application the following information must be entered:

  1. descriptive application title (200 character or less)
  2. applicant’s contact information (name, email, current institution)
  3. name, institution, and email address of the Ph.D mentor that will be providing letter 1 of support
  4. name, institution, and email address of the person that will be providing letter 2 of support
  5. Select and upload a PDF version of the application containing all the required information.
Quick Overview————-
Organization James S. McDonnell Foundation
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral
Country USA
Subject areas Mathematics, Natural science
Fellowship amount $200,000 USD
Eligibility Open for international students
Deadline May – June (Yearly)

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