JPA Convertible Loan (Program Pelajar Cemerlang)

Scholarship details
Excellent students in their first degree or those sponsored by JPA are invited to apply for the Program Pelajar Cemerlang to continue their studies in Masters and PhD in various fields at universities selected by the Public Service Department (PSD).

Applicant must meet all the below requirements

Applicants must fulfill all the general and specific requirements stated as below.

General requirements:

Malaysian citizen, not more than 26 years of age for a Master’s degree and 30 years of age for PhD level of studies on the year of application.
Students who were sponsored by JPA during their first Degree or Masters to apply for a higher level of study.
Students must have already graduated before the closing date of this programme and have never extended their studies during Degree or Masters.
Students must have already graduated from Degree or Masters in 2017 until the closing date of this programme whereby this sponsorship intends to allow students to apply for a Masters or PhD.
Students have received a conditional or unconditional offer from a university to pursue their studies full-time. The list of universities are stated in Appendix A.
*please refer to the official website for the complete requirements.

Preferred Discipline
Non-sponsored fields of study are medical, dentistry, pharmacy, education, nursing, courses that require students to take flight licenses and professional courses such as ACCA, LINUX and CLP.

Amount Info
The loan can be converted into a scholarship and students will not have to pay anything back if they serve in the Public Service Department.

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