Cusabio International Bachelors and Masters Scholarship


Study in:Denmark
Deadline: 18 oct 2018

CUSABIO was established in 2007 to provide ELISA kits for research use. After years of efforts, CUSABIO has become a biotech company with a certain scale that offers not only ELISA kits but also polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cDNA clones, and many other bio reagents. To meet the growing demand of researchers in the life sciences field, CUSABIO also starts to offer custom services such as protein expression service, antibody production service, and oligo synthesis service. Our high quality products, professional technical support, and fast global delivery make us a good partner for life sciences researchers worldwide.

We firmly believe that the development of science and technology, especially biological science, will lead us to a better and more promising future. Almost every scientific discovery relies on research, and the key to success in any fields is people. To further scientific achievement, CUSABIO decided to set up scholarship funds this year (2018) to help students majoring in biology/life sciences or related disciplines to finish their studies so that they can better develop a career in science. Don’t know if you are eligible to apply? Please read on.

Who are eligible to apply?

1. The applicants must be students who are studying for their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in accredited colleges/universities.

2. Major/intended major must be biology/life sciences or related disciplines.

Scholarship award

The total amount of scholarship funds is $3,000 this year, including two $1,000 and two $500. So there will be four winners.


All applications must be submitted before Tuesday, September 18, 15:00 pm. Make sure that you provide all the information required.

The names of the winners will be announced on this site on Tuesday, October 16.

Contact details

Any question on scholarship? Please call at 301-363-4651, email to, or read the FAQs.

How to apply?

To apply for the CUSABIO Scholarship 2018, please fill the form below as completely as you can.

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