Nestle MBA Scholarships for International Students

MBA Programme.
Study in:Switzerland
Deadline: Sep 30, 2018.

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women was first awarded in 1997 and was initiated by a group of IMD MBA participants who wanted to encourage women to take the MBA.

Eligible Countries: International students

To be taken at (country): Switzerland

Eigible Field of Study: Scholarship is available for pursuing MBA Programme.
Financial aid
IMD is committed to encouraging diversity within our full-time program by providing support and assistance to those who have the profile, but lack the financial means to complete the IMD MBA.

We typically award IMD scholarships of varying amounts to 25% of the class and work with different sponsors to increase your options. Prodigy Finance are our loan providers as they offer international student loans focusing on higher education at top schools. We also strongly recommend that you seek alternative sources of funding where possible, and have compiled the below list of some options that have been helpful to our past participants.

Options for external funding

We recommend that you submit your application to Prodigy Finance as soon as you are accepted into the program to ensure timely disbursement for the third and fourth tuition installments. You can also apply before being accepted if you want to forecast your budget more clearly.

For those who are unable to obtain a loan from Prodigy Finance based on nationality restrictions, please contact our Finance Committee and we will work with you to investigate alternative solutions.

IMD scholarships
IMD offers a variety of merit and need-based MBA scholarships. Some are exclusively allocated with the first admissions application deadlines, some throughout the year, and others only at the end of the year. Should you be selected for several scholarships, you will be awarded the one with the highest financial benefit.

Our MBA Financial Aid form (not needed for merit or CORO scholarships) must include supporting documents: yearly proof of salary, tax return form, latest bank account statements
If you apply for multiple scholarships, we only need one copy of the Financial Aid form
Where appropriate, include your essay
Submit your full scholarship application to

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