Judith Binney Fellowships and Writing Awards in NewZealand, 2019

Judith Binney Fellowships Writing Awards

The Judith Binney Trust has just opened applications for the inaugural Judith Binney Fellowships and Writing Awards. It supports research and writing on New Zealand history or associated topics. This Fellowship is available to New Zealand citizens.

The Judith Binney Fellowship is available for an established scholar to undertake or complete significant research. The Writing Award is for an emerging scholar, or for the beginning or completion of a project.

The Australian Anthropological Society is a recently formed organization, founded in 1973 “to promote the advancement of anthropology as a discipline.

Scholarship Description:
Application Deadline: September 30, 2018.
Course Level: The Judith Binney Fellowship and Judith Binney Writing Award can be granted to support research and writing on New Zealand history.
Study Subject: Fellowships is awarded in following topics might include: social history; women’s history; nineteenth- and twentieth-century histories; Maori history and tradition; recent social, economic or political history; and historical interests arising from New Zealand archaeology, anthropology, material culture and art..
Scholarship Award: Fellowships will be within the range of $50,000–$80,000.
Nationality: This fellowship is available to New Zealand citizens.
Number of Scholarships: Not specified
Scholarship can be taken in New Zealand
Eligibility for the Scholarship:
Eligible Countries: This fellowship is available to New Zealand citizens

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must be either New Zealand citizens or have resided continuously in New Zealand for at least two years immediately prior to application and hold a New Zealand resident visa.
The applicant will have a PhD in a relevant disciplinary area, or equivalent qualifications such as an MA or BA Hons followed by relevant publications. Relevant publications may include books, journal or newspaper articles, chapters in books, blogs.
Applications from academics employed by a university or other tertiary institution will be considered, but the application must make it clear that the applicant is available for full-time research and writing for the period of the Fellowship or Award if successful, and that this will be on the basis of unpaid leave.
Collective applications will be considered – that is, two or more applicants may apply for a clearly defined project involving original research from the group. The application will need to set out clearly how the project can be delivered effectively within the terms and conditions set out for the Fellowship and Award. (This provision does not include edited collections of essays, which will not be considered.)
The Judith Binney Fellowship and the Judith Binney Writing Award are for full-time research and writing over a period of twelve months (the Award may be allocated for a shorter period in appropriate circumstances if agreed with the Management Group). The Fellowship or Award cannot be held concurrently with other paid employment unless agreed in writing with the Management Group prior to the acceptance of the Fellowship or Award.
While the Fellowship or Award may cover some research-related travel costs, the funds are made available specifically for research and writing; applications that relate wholly or largely to travel costs will not be considered.
Recipients of the Fellowship or Award will make reports on the progress of their work at the designated periods to be established with the Management Group.
Usually, applications will open on 1 June, for tenure in the following year, and the successful applicant will be advised by the end of September. Information on application dates and deadlines will be updated regularly on the Judith Binney Trust website. (For the 2019 Fellowship and Award, a shorter application timeframe will apply).
The Fellowship or Award must be taken up within six months of the date of the offer.
The Judith Binney Trust is to be acknowledged in any works produced as a result of the research pursued during the tenure of the Fellowship or Award.
The Management Group may, at any time, suspend or terminate the Fellowship or Award if – in the opinion of the Management Group (having first consulted with the recipient) – the recipient is not diligently pursuing their programme of research or original work, and has failed to comply with any terms or conditions on which the Fellowship or Award was granted.
These conditions may be modified at any time.
Application Procedure:
How to Apply:

The application should be signed, dated and sent by email. In addition, one copy of the application and supporting material should be mailed to: The Judith Binney Trust, PO Box 12 182Wellington 6144.
The successful application and supporting material will be retained on a confidential basis by the Judith Binney Trust; all other applications and supporting material will be destroyed.
Online Applications
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