The Patrick Dwyer College International Bachelors, Masters and PhD Scholarship in Italy

The Patrick Dwyer College Scholarship was created with students in mind. The college has become increasingly expensive and necessary.

Eligible Countries: International students

To be taken at (country): Italy

Eigible Field of Study: Scholarship is available for pursuing Bachelors, Masters and PhD Programme.
The Master in “Business Strategy and International Management” offers technical and managerial competences with its pragmatic, interdisciplinary and intercultural approach in order to deal with the current changes through the drivers of innovation, internationalization, ethical and sustainable leadership.

Training a future manager in Business Strategy means responsible development, open innovation, context-awareness, network relational and negotiation capacities. ISTAO’s students will be eligible to cover roles of responsibility in enterprises and in the economic system and in managing international networks for the business development.

The objective is to develop skills useful for enterprises in this particular moment of history: from critical and strategic thinking to capacities in managing business areas and organizations on national and internal markets.

Targets or eligible candidates
The Master is addressed to university graduates in economic, engineering, law and humanistic disciplines with a good English level and who are ready to challenge themselves. The laboratory and experimental methodology, the pragmatic approach, meetings with professionals and managers, one-to-one activities of placement, induction and training to the job exploit the competences and the attitudes of each participant to enter organizational and business areas tailored for each one of them.

The methodology
The methodology of ISTAO is characterized by a pragmatic approach thanks to a continuous shift from class-room lectures to on-job training: laboratories in companies, meetings with managers and entrepreneurs, coaching in firms.

The different backgrounds of the participants incentivize the usage of multidisciplinary methodologies and sharing knowledge The team work also simulates the everyday business activity.

The scientific approach on managerial techniques presented by professors with a great experience in companies or consultancy societies and the strategic approach of entrepreneurs and experts of the economic and cultural context offer a vision on the world promoting the critical thinking of students and a greater capacity of a global vision.

The Master will be held in Italian and in English, especially for international topics.

Structure of course
The Master is organized in a set of modules that are related to different business areas: finance, marketing, digital, innovation and organization. There is also a transversal module for the development of soft skills, which is set across all the Master with specific practical moments.

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