M.Sc in Bio Inspired Innovation,Netherlands 2019

Utrecht University

Study in:Netherlands
Deadline: 1 April 2019


We live in a society that places great trust in technology and science to solve our problems and fulfill our needs. However, science and technology alone cannot provide us with a society that nourishes rather than destroys its surroundings. We need to switch to a more circular society. We will introduce you to the grand challenges that need to be tackled to become a circular society and to the Life’s Principles that are of use in the scoping and evaluation design phases of a biomimicry design cycle.

Bio Inspired Innovation (BII) is aimed at students with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, who are interested in research and want to innovate services, products, production systems and design based on principles that have evolved in nature. You will be the professional that contributes to the transition to a circular economy with Bio Inspired Innovations.

The Master’s program Bio Inspired Innovation taught at Utrecht University equips you with research, design and collaborative skills that will make you a bio inspired expert. BII builds on the excellent research at the Faculty of Science and links research findings to solve societal and business challenges. The first year is research based, while the second year focuses on the use of research knowledge in innovation.


This Master’s program prepares you to become a highly qualified professional, who is able to function in an academic, business or other organisational environment. You will be a change-agent and resource professional for organizations that aim to be part of a sustainable society with guaranteed food supply. We actively support your efforts to become a bio inspired circular economy expert, innovator entrepreneur, scientist or consultant.

Program Structure

Courses included:

  • Theory and philosophy of bio inspired research and design
  • Footprinting
  • Participation in Biomimicry Design Challenge
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Business Canvas modelling

Academic Requirements

1. A relevant bachelor degree. Bachelor programs that may meet the requirements are: Biology, Chemistry with Biology minor, Pharmaceutical sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Life sciences, Natural sciences with Biology minor, other relevant science program.

2. Relevant knowledge, insight and skills.

  • Basic knowledge of Biology (minimum level 1 bachelor)
  • Advanced knowledge (level 3 bachelor) of two or more sub-disciplines in the field of Biology, such as molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, plant biology, animal biology and ecology.

3. High overall score (GPA, average grade, grading tables) and high grades for relevant courses.

4. High level of academic competences.

5. Personal competences.


Scholarships, fellowships, and grants offered by Utrecht University, the Dutch government, and other organisations can help fund your studies at the university. Please note that the scholarship options for programmes starting in February are limited. You can begin your search for funding by reviewing the list below, which contains some of the scholarships and loans available to international students.

  • Utrecht Excellence Scholarships
  • Holland Scholarship
  • Canadian student loans
  • Fulbright / NAF
  • US Federal Loans
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship
  • Erasmus+ Master loans

Detailed Program Facts

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