Diversities in Youth Care, M.Sc 2019

Radbound University

Study in:Netherlands
Deadline: 1 April 2019


Why study Diversities in Youth Care at Radboud University?

  • You may pick electives from different Master’s programs like Religious Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Management Science. These electives fit in well with the program Diversities in Youth Care. More information can be found on the program outline page.
  • There is plenty of opportunity to go abroad for an elective or an internship. Our network includes a university and relief organisations in Bangladesh, foster homes and orphanages in Romania and the Ukraine and schools in several African countries.
  • Radboud University has the only education and research institute in the Netherlands within the field of social sciences which specializes in gender and sexuality: Institute for Gender Studies (IGS). This means you will have access to the latest and most relevant research.
  • The program collaborates with the knowledge centre Sekse en Diversiteit in Medisch Onderwijs (SDMO) (i.e. Gender and Diversity in Medical Education) of Radboudumc. We exchange case studies and give one another guest lectures. You will profit from this exchange of knowledge!

Job positions

As a professional in Diversities in Youth Care you can work in and outside of the Netherlands in the area of youth care and development. You can work as a policy maker or researcher in organisations as Unicef, adoption agencies, the EU, local governments or research institutions. You can also work as a remedial educationalist for mental health care organisations, refugee centers or with specific groups of children like refugees or LGBT children.

Program Structure

Courses include:

  • Dealing with Diversities in Care
  • International Perspective on Treatment and Care
  • Complex Systems Theory
  • Policy Cycle
  • Gender and diversities
  • Political Sciences
  • Poverty, Well-being and Social Justice
  • The Good Life

Academic Requirements

You have completed courses on subjects like:

  • (special) education and learning
  • developmental psychology
  • neuroscience
  • psychopathology
  • parenting
  • youth care
  • ethics and philosophy

Proficiency in academic writing and critical reflection As demonstrated by courses in which you’ve written a thesis, essay or research report. A sample of your written work must be submitted with your application. Your academic skills and ability to meet the publication requirements of the American Psychological Association (APA) will be assessed.

  • Proficiency in empirical research practice 
  • Proficiency in maintaining a professional attitude


  • Orange Tulip Scholarship Program

Orange Tulip Scholarship program at Radboud University offers excellent students coming from either Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Russia or Vietnam the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

  • Indonesian Education Scholarship (LPDP)

The Indonesian Education Scholarship (BPI) for Master’s and PhD programs is a scholarship program funded by the Indonesian government and is managed by LPDP to finance higher education.

  • Fulbright-Radboud Scholarships

The Fulbright Center, sponsored by Radboud University, is offering scholarships to excellent American students for study and research purposes at graduate and PhD levels at Radboud University.

Detailed Program Facts

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