M.Sc in Service Systems Design, Denmark 2019

Aalborg University

Study in:Denmark
Deadline: 1 April 2019


The Service Systems Design program from Aalborg University will give you professional competences within the following disciplines:

Industrial Design :

  • products, services, evidences and environments in which back office and front offices are physically placed
  • aesthetics, emotion and communication, especially in relation to interactions
  • user involvement and participation in value creation

Information Technology ;

  • interaction between users and service providers
  • information and communication support to the service

Engineering And Management :

  • functional and organisational structure that support the service in the back office as well as in the front office
  • service strategy and business

Job And Career

As a service designer, you will become a practitioner that collaborates with public and private companies in designing new services or redesigning existing services. Your expertise will be required in understanding, and addressing user requirements, communicating user experience, promoting users’ participation and supporting the internal organisation of services. Your cross-disciplinary competences, covering IT, design-related, engineering and management skills will allow you to cover strategic roles in service organisations.

Who Needs Service Designers?

Service design consultants are often required in the sectors of travel, healthcare, information services, bank and financial services and retail services. For many of those companies, the key to success is in the way services are designed and organised, or the quality of the interaction between users and the service, or the way users experience the service.

In addition, the public sector has recently emphasised the importance of service design in creating new services for citizens and improving the quality of existing public services. Service designers are increasingly requested by public authorities to reorganise healthcare services, tourist services, unemployment and taxation, traffic and parking services and public administration.

Programme Structure

  • 1st Semester; Services As Interaction

In your 1st semester project, you and your fellow students will conduct an analysis of a product or service, focusing on the interaction aspects between users and the service, human and technology as well as machine to machine.

  • 2nd Semester; Services As Systems

On the 2nd semester, we take your learning a step further by adding hands-on experience on the design of a complex service on basis of a modular platform in which actors and competences are clearly identified, organisational and interaction aspects are planned and user participation is planned and supported.

  • 3rd Semester; Company Collaboration Or Theoretical Project

As indicated by the semester title, you may choose to carry out a project in collaboration with a company as part of your ECTS credits on the 3rd semester.

  • 4th Semester; Master’s Thesis

There are no courses offered on the 4th semester; this is entirely devoted to working on your master’s thesis.

Academic Requirements

The following bachelor’s degrees qualify for the master’s program in Service Systems Design at AAU-Cph:

  • Medialogy
  • Art and Technology
  • IT Communication and New Media
  • Interaction Design
  • Architecture and Design

Bachelor’s degrees within e.g. architecture, design or human centered informatics may also qualify for the postgraduate program in Service Systems Design.If your bachelor’s degree does not immediately qualify for the master’s program in Service Systems Design, your application will be assessed by the Study Board of Media Technology.

Screening of applications is based on the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Grades obtained on completed semesters of the undergraduate program at the time of assessment.

Detailed Program Facts

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