M.Sc. in Computer Science (IT), Denmark 2019

Aalborg University

Study in:Denmark
Deadline: 1 March 2019


Computer Science (IT) at Aalborg University is an education made for both Danish students and students from abroad (IT means “international track”). Every part of the program is taught in English and should not be confused with the original Computer Science education which is only taught in Danish. It targets two types of students;


  • Bachelors in Information Technology with Specialisation in Technology from Aalborg University
  • International students with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering


Professional bachelors from UCN can be enrolled as long as that they have studied software development, including courses in syntax and semantics as well as discrete mathematics. In case you don’t know if your bachelor’s degree meets the requirements for the master’s program in Computer Science (IT), you can contact the program secretary who can be of help to answer any questions you may have.


The master’s program in Computer Science (IT) at Aalborg University offers four specialisations:

  • Information technology
  • Machine intelligence
  • Data engineering
  • Embedded software systems

Each specialisation has its own mandatory and elective courses. All specialisations, however, have one common mandatory course per semester (except for the 4th semester which is reserved for the master’s thesis);

  • 1st semester: Programming paradigms
  • 2nd semester: Software engineering
  • 3rd semester: Entrepreneurship


On the third semester of the master’s program in Computer Science (IT), you have the opportunity to take an internship, either in Denmark or abroad. You can take an internship in a company, a public institution or a professional organisation. You may also choose an exchange stay at another university in Denmark or abroad.

If you choose a stay abroad during your education, it may further your job seeking upon graduation. The industry seeks people with international experience, especially within engineering, and therefore, AAU focuses on stays abroad. We want to give you the best start possible when you have finished your studies.

At the master’s level, we give you the opportunity to take and an internship (in Denmark or abroad) or spend a semester abroad. We will assist you in finding the best place for you. AAU co-operates with many universities across the globe, and we have solid contacts and co-operations with industry with regards to both student projects and internships. Our students go to the US, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Sweden, France, etc.

Job and Career

Computer Science (IT) at Aalborg University provides good job opportunities upon graduation. Graduates from Aalborg University are generally in high demand, and many students obtain jobs immediate upon graduation, embarking upon careers in the IT industry, mobile communications, space aeronautics, health science technology, the media industry, etc. AAU-graduates excel in both independent work and teamwork. Some choose a career as a scientist at the university, others are employed in industry.

Former graduates of Computer Science work as e.g.

  • System developers
  • IT architects
  • Project managers
  • System administrators
  • Development consultants, etc.

Program Structure

1st semester; From reality to models

A mandatory course in

  • Programming Paradigms

And two of the following elective courses:

  • Computability and Complexity
  • Advanced Topics in Databases
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Data-Intensive Systems
  • Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
  • Real Time Systems
  • Web Engineering
  • Web Intelligence

2nd semester; From models to reality 


A mandatory course in

  • Software Engineering

And two of the following elective courses:

  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Mobile Software Technology
  • Advanced Programming
  • Software Innovation
  • Languages and Compilers
  • Principles of Operation Systems and Concurrency
  • Advanced Topics in Machine Intelligence
  • Test and Verification
  • Advanced Topics in Modelling and Verification

3rd semester; Pre-specialization in Computer Science (IT)

  • Database technology
  • Distributed systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Semantics and verification
  • Machine intelligence
  • System development
  • Programming technology

Academic Requirements

Students with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or equivalent, or professional bachelors in software development* can apply for the master’s program in Computer Science (IT). Applicants with other bachelor’s degrees will be subject to individual evaluation.

*Professional bachelors in software development are further required to have followed courses in syntax and semantics as well as discrete mathematics.

Detailed Program Facts


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