M.Sc. in Wireless Communication Systems,Denmark 2019

Aalborg University

Study in:Denmark
Deadline: 1 March 2019


The supporting topics include radio wave propagation and antenna systems processing, wireless communication signals and access techniques, application adaptation and user device interaction and wireless communication systems and deployment.

The Aalborg University’s program is supported by two of the strongest research groups at Department of Electronic Systems, with world class laboratory and tools. Consequently, you will have amble possibility to work with the newest and most challenging theoretical and practical wireless communication topics.

Job and career

There are many different career opportunities for a graduate of Wireless Communication Systems. In today’s networked world, wireless communication plays an essential role. We are all quite familiar with personal mobile communication devices, but wireless communication can enhance the functionality of about any everyday product, from passive wireless systems for product identification to networked and autonomous wireless systems on small or large scale.

Your role will be to help develop new communication solutions for wireless connectivity, plan wireless systems or devise procedures for their operation, and possibly assist with specialist knowledge on integration of wireless connectivity for new applications and products. Like many of our previous candidates you will have opportunities with large international companies who seek the expertise that this education gives you, work with start up R&D initiatives- or pursue an academic research career.

Program Structure

1st semester

  • Stochastic processes
  • Wireless PHY/MAC fundamentals

2nd semester

  • Wireless system performance

3rd semester

  • Multi agent radio communication
  • Antennas and propagation

4th semester

  • No courses are offered, as the 4th semester is entirely devoted to work on your master’s thesis

Academic Requirements

The following programs qualify for the master’s in Wireless Communication Systems:

Full bachelors

  • Electronics and Computer Engineering

Guest/exchange programmes

  • Electronics and IT (5th-6th semester are offered in English)
  • Internet Technologies and Computer Systems (5th-6th semester are offered in English)

Applicants with other backgrounds within electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering or similar will be individually assessed by the Study Board of Electronics and IT.

Detailed Program Facts

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