M.Sc. in Smart Energy, Finland 2019

University of Vaasa

Study in:Finland
Deadline: 23 January 2019


Changes and disruption of traditional power and energy systems require a new set of skills in order to realize the transition to smarter, more flexible and renewable energy systems. Next generation electrical power engineers need to understand increasing amount of different interdisciplinary interactions ranging from new technologies to customer needs and different energy policies.Traditional power systems are changing due to global drivers like climate change, environmental issues and increasing dependency on electricity. Therefore, there is a need for large-scale integration of renewable, low-emission (CO2) energy sources in high-, medium- and low-voltage (HV, MV and LV) networks, need to improve energy efficiency of the whole energy system and need to improve electricity supply reliability. This will have major impact on power systems and utilization of new flexible, distributed energy resources i.e. flexibilities (like distributed generation, demand response, battery energy storages and electric vehicles) utilization enabling technologies, standardization, planning principles, regulation, market and business models are needed in order to realize future smart and flexible energy systems. Future smart energy systems will consist of different new technologies and concepts like, for example, of energy storages, microgrids, hybrid systems with power electronic converters.

The Smart Energy program delivered by University of Vaasa provides students with recent knowledge about utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and optimization in future Smart Grids taking also into account other energy networks (heat, gas), their integration and related storage and conversion solutions. Master’s Program in Smart Energy gives broad systemic view on future smart and flexible power systems as well as provides good analytical skills and knowledge about key smart energy system and components related technologies and emerging new market and business models.

By completing this programme, you will be able to:

  • plan, research and develop new intelligent solutions for the electricaland energy systems of the guture e.g. by utilizing different simulation tools
  • lead and managem different prodution, product development and planning projects in the field of electrical engineering and energy technology
  • assess and compare different ways of energy production from the technical and economical point of view and compare different alternatives in energy production
  • use existing sources of information critically and produce new knowledge in electrical engineering and energy technology

Program Structure

Courses included:

  • Complementary Studies
  • Smart Energy Studies
  • Smart Grids and Power Generation
  • Digitalisation
  • Business Studies

Academic Requirements

  • Applicants are eligible to apply for admission to the program if they have completed

    1. a Bachelor’s degree (3-4 years) in an appropriate field outside Finland or

    2. a university level Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree in an appropriate field in Finland or

    3. a polytechnic level Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field in Finland.

    The appropriate fields include e.g. electrical engineering, energy technology, automation technology, telecommunications engineering, or similar engineering field or other degree in a closely related field and appropriate additional studies.


First Year Scholarship – University of Vaasa Global Student Scholarship

Each Master’s program will provide one 100% tuition fee waiver to the best ranked tuition fee subjected student based on the previous academic merits reviewed during application process.

Each Master’s program will provide five 50% tuition fee waivers to the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth best ranked tuition fee subjected students based on the previous academic merits reviewed during application process.

Second Year Scholarship – University of Vaasa Global Student Award for Academic Excellenc

Every student completing the expected and required number of credits during the first year gets automatically a 50% tuition fee waiver.

Detailed Program Facts

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