Postgraduate Diploma in Science – Botany, PGDipSci

University of Otago

Study in:New Zealand
Deadline: 30 Apr 2019


Postgraduate Diploma in Science – Botany at University of Otago includes their structure and development, physiology and biochemistry, health and disease, relationships with other organisms and the environment (ecology), as well as the traditional aspects of plant identification and classification.The main emphasis at Otago is on the general biology, ecology and physiology of higher plants and marine algae, although other groups (conifers, ferns, mosses and fungi) are also included in the papers offered.


There will always be jobs for plant scientists because plants are so fundamental to life on earth.

The world’s economies are highly dependent on plants and their associated habitats, not only for food production but also for timber, for the fibres and chemical compounds plants produce and for the ecological services they provide, such as removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Plant scientists are employed around the world in industry, governmental and non-governmental organisations that seek to understand and conserve the natural environment, and to educate people about it. Botany graduates are in high demand in industries such as biotechnology, horticulture, tourism and agriculture.

Program Structure

Courses include:

  • Research Project
  • Plant Physiology and Biotechnology
  • Plant and Environment
  • New Zealand Plant Ecology and Evolution
  • Special Topics

Academic Requirements

  • Entrance requirements for postgraduate study vary by program with most requiring a minimum bachelor-level qualification in the same field, and some having additional requirements such as relevant work experience and/or professional registration in New Zealand.
  • A postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma can usually be taken at any time after the completion of your bachelor’s degree.
  • If you hold an honours degree or postgraduate diploma you may be able to eligible for master’s study by thesis only. In some cases if you hold a bachelor’s degree you may apply for a coursework master’s degree or for master’s study by coursework and thesis.


The University offers a number of generous masters’ awards and doctoral scholarships (for PhD and other doctoral-level study). These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, research ability (where applicable) and suitability within the department. No interview is required. Students already receiving a full scholarship covering tuition fees and living costs are not usually eligible.

Detailed Program Facts

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