Economics Program in Finland

University of Helsinki

Study in:Finland
201 days
Deadline: 11 Jan 2020


Upon completing the Economics Program taught at University of Helsinki you will be awarded the Master of Social Sciences degree, having demonstrated that you have developed many skills needed in your future career:

  • Profound knowledge of economic theory and familiarity with scientific economic literature
  • The ability to apply economic theory to solving practical problems and interpreting economic phenomena
  • Familiarity with econometric methods and the ability to apply them to practical research problems
  • The ability to collect and interpret empirical data
  • The ability to communicate conclusions and assess the significance of the assumptions made for them
  • Fluency in communicating economic issues to different domestic and international audiences as well as the capability to work independently and in multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Readiness to assess your own professional performance and systematically develop it, and
  • Knowledge of sources of economic information and the ability to adopt new tools of economic analysis.

The program comprises two tracks. The Research track is more demanding in that it gives more profound knowledge of economic theory and econometric methods than the General track. This track is particularly suitable if your goal is to pursue a doctoral degree in economics. Profound knowledge of economic theory and methods is also useful in many demanding careers as an economist.

Program Structure

  • You start the studies by taking the module of Economic Theory and Econometric Methods, which is the foundation of the program.
  • It covers the central micro-economic and macroeconomic theory as well as basic econometric methods. After completing this module, you can choose from a wide selection of fields of economics to concentrate on.
  • Optional studies consist of additional courses in economics, or other university-level courses. In addition, an internship or a labour market project is included in the degree requirements.

Academic Requirements

  • You have completed or will complete studies required for the master’s program by 11 January. Below are more details concerning applicable studies.
  • You have sufficient proficiency in Finnish, Swedish or English. For further instructions on demonstrating your language proficiency, see the section “Required attachments”.


  • Fully Funded Grant (Tuition fee + 10 000 EUR)
  • Full Tuition fee Grant
  • Study Grant (10 000 EUR)

Detailed Program Facts

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