Master of Health Sciences, MHealSc in New Zealand

University of Otago

Study in:New Zealand
Deadline: 30 Apr 2019


Normally before embarking upon study within the Master of Health Sciences MHealSc at University of Otago, students would first complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc) and/or a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (PGDipHealSc). Students are normally required to obtain a B average over their Postgraduate Diploma in order to be admitted to Masters study.

Program Structure

The programme of study shall consist of either

  • approved papers at 400-level or higher worth at least 120 points, and a thesis (120 points) embodying the results of one year of full-time or equivalent part-time supervised research; or
  • approved papers and other course components at 400-level or higher worth at least 240 points (at least 40 points of which will be at NZQF Level 9), including a research method paper or papers to the value of 30 points, and either a research project (30 points) or a dissertation (60 points). Where the program includes a research project, the research methods paper must be one of the approved 800-level options.

Academic Requirements

  • Entrance requirements for postgraduate study of Health Sciences MHealSc vary by program with most requiring a minimum bachelor-level qualification in the same field, and some having additional requirements such as relevant work experience and/or professional registration in New Zealand.
  • A postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma can usually be taken at any time after the completion of your bachelor’s degree.
  • If you hold an honours degree or postgraduate diploma you may be able to eligible for master’s study by thesis only. In some cases if you hold a bachelor’s degree you may apply for a coursework master’s degree or for master’s study by coursework and thesis.


The University offers a number of generous masters’ awards and doctoral scholarships (for PhD and other doctoral-level study). These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, research ability (where applicable) and suitability within the department. No interview is required. Students already receiving a full scholarship covering tuition fees and living costs are not usually eligible.

Detailed Program Facts

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