Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Postgraduate Certificate

Wright State University

Study in:United States
29 days
Deadline: 15 Jul 2019


Students in the Public Health Emergency Preparedness certificate at Wright State University will be able to describe: components of emergency management response and apply them to public health, construction of an emergency management organization, how policy options can influence public health in crisis situations and learners will know the major legal framework for emergency and disaster response, how terrorism policy decisions can influence public health; including response to active acts of terrorism and learners will know the major response aspects regarding acts of terrorism.

Program Structure

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will have knowledge about the aspects of emergency management systems needed to work as a public health professional.
  • Students will demonstrate respect for all persons and all cultures.
  • Students will develop awareness for personal/family emergency preparedness plans.
  • Students will discuss how to improve public health’s organizational capacity in the event of a disaster, emergency or crisis.
  • Students will recognize the role of cultural, social, and behavioral factors in the accessibility, availability, acceptability and delivery of public health/health services in crisis situations and in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from acts of terrorism.
  • Students will use individual, team and organizational learning opportunities for personal and professional development.

Academic Requirements

The Certificate program requires acceptance by the Graduate School as a non-degree student. A supplemental department application along with a two-page personal statement is also required.  Students must have earned at minimum a baccalaureate degree from an accredited University.  Degree-seeking students currently enrolled in the MPH program are eligible to take the required courses and earn a Certificate.

Detailed Program Facts

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