Plant Biology, M.Sc. in Finland

University of Helsinki

Study in:Finland
209 days
Deadline: 11 Jan 2020


Life on Earth depends on solar energy captured by plants – they are the base of most food webs and underpin the functioning of all major ecosystems. Plants release the oxygen we breath. They convert solar energy into chemical energy, providing us with food, fibers, renewable energy sources, and raw materials for many industries. Plants do not carry out these processes in isolation. They interact with other organisms and the physical and chemical environment, communicate and actively adjust to their circumstances. How do they do these things and how can we profit from understanding them? When you have graduated from the Plant Biology program offered by the University of Helsinki you will have the answers to these big questions, and more, such as:

  • How one plant cell develops into a complicated organism and how plant cells, tissues and organs communicate with each other
  • How plants avoid, tolerate or defend themselves from external stress factors such as diseases, drought and excessive solar radiation
  • How plants sense their environment and communicate with each other and with other organisms
  • How plants, interacting with microbes, fungi and animals, maintain ecosystems and thus life
  • How the genotypic, functional and morphological differences between plants allow them to thrive in vastly different habitats

Program Structure

Plant Biology included:

  • Plant Biotechnology and Breeding
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Regulation of Growth, Reproduction and Differentiation of Tissues
  • Biological Basis of Crop Yield
  • Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Evolutionary History and Systematics of Plants and Fungi
  • Species Identification

Academic Requirements

  • You have completed or will compete by 31 July a first-cycle degree (e.g., bachelor’s degree) or second-cycle degree (e.g., master’s degree) or a postgraduate degree in Finland or abroad.
  • You have completed or will complete studies required for the master’s program by 11 January. Below are more details concerning applicable studies.
  • You are able to demonstrate your proficiency in English. For further instructions on demonstrating your proficiency in English, see the section “Required enclosures”.


  • Fully Funded Grant (Tuition fee + 10 000 EUR)
  • Full Tuition fee Grant
  • Study Grant (10 000 EUR)

Detailed Program Facts

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