Agroecology-an Approach to Rural Sustainability, Master in Spain

Pablo de Olavide University

Study in:Spain
Deadline: 5 Jun 2019


Agroecology-an Approach to Rural Sustainability is not a discipline, but a theoretical and methodological approach that makes use of several scientific disciplines in order to study agrarian activity from the point of view of ecology.The global agri-food system is experiencing a severe crisis, not only because of food insecurity and the low profitability of agricultural activity, but also by the negative impacts that the current system’s organisation is causing on people’s health and the environment. International organisations, especially FAO, are recognising and promoting different ways in which they can manage agrarian systems in order to fight hunger and rural poverty, improve food security and living conditions of the rural population in general— particularly in developing countries—, and provide enough healthy and quality food without diminishing the natural resource base, that is to say, the quality of agro-ecosystems. FAO itself has suggested that organic agriculture is the most appropriate way to overcome the crisis in this sector.This will not be possible unless a more sustainable and productive management of resources is promoted. Organic agriculture is the most appropriate way of optimising the conservation and provision of environmental services, and increasing food production without diminishing the natural resource base. Agronomists and international organisations specialised on this matter agree on the fact that organic agriculture can considerably increase the production and yield if both new technologies and developments in agronomy merge together with local knowledge and resources (G. Guzmán et al., 2000), being these last ones something that the poorest and most marginalised peasants in the market do not lack.

Program Structure

Courses include:

  • Concept And Principles Of Agroecology
  • Social Principles Of Agroecology
  •  Ecological Principles Of Agroecology

English Language Requirements

This program may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Academic Requirements

Applicants must hold one of the following degrees:

  • An official Spanish University Degree
  • A foreign Degree authorising the admission to a Masters Degree in the issuing country

Detailed Program Facts

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