Space Science and Technology, M.Sc. in UK

The Open University UK

Study in:United Kingdom
89 days
Deadline: 13 Sep 2019


This Space Science and Technology program from The Open University UK equips students with the skills to carry out scientific investigations using space-based instrumentation, both individually and as a team.

Students learn how to use a programming language in support of space science applications and develop other skills that are relevant to further research or employment in the space sector. The qualification also requires students to conduct an in-depth research project on a topic in space science or space technology.

Key features of the course

  • Develops skills in conducting science in the space environment through the use of robotic experiments
  • Explores current debates in space and planetary sciences using data from space missions
  • Develops technical and professional skills according to individual needs and interests
  • Culminates with an in-depth individual research project in space science or space technology.

Career relevance

This qualification is directly relevant to scientific and technical careers in the space sector. It is particularly relevant to roles that are concerned with acquisition, handing and interpretation of data obtained by space-based instrumentation.

Program Structure

Modules included:

  • Space science
  • Managing technological innovation
  • Project management
  • Strategic capabilities for technological innovation
  • Finite element analysis: basic principles and applications
  • Manufacture materials design
  • Software development
  • Software engineering

English Language Requirements

This program may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Academic Requirements

Entry to this qualification will typically require a minimum of an honours degree (or equivalent qualification) in one of: physics, astronomy, geosciences, chemistry, engineering or mathematics.

Detailed Program Facts

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