Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – Environmental Management, New Zealand

University of Otago

Study in:New Zealand
166 days
Deadline: 10 Dec 2019


This Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – Environmental Management at University of Otago includes numerous areas, from global warming to deforestation, soil erosion to landfills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – Environmental Management at University of Otago is about coordinating environmental efforts – investigating problems, developing solutions, and working in multi-disciplinary teams – to address the environmental crises that are plaguing the world.

Program Structure

The program of study

  • shall consist of approved 400- and 500-level papers, to the value of 120 points, selected from the papers specified in Science Schedule D for the Master of Applied Science subject concerned.
  • shall normally include papers from more than one subject.
  • may, with the approval of the Head of Department or Course Director concerned, include papers worth up to 40 points from 400- and 500-level papers other than those specified in Science Schedule D.
  • A candidate who has completed the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science shall be exempted from those papers in the program for the diploma which have been previously passed for the certificate.

Academic Requirements

  • Entrance requirements for postgraduate study vary by program with most requiring a minimum bachelor-level qualification in the same field, and some having additional requirements such as relevant work experience and/or professional registration in New Zealand.
  • A postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma can usually be taken at any time after the completion of your bachelor’s degree.
  • If you hold an honours degree or postgraduate diploma you may be able to eligible for master’s study by thesis only. In some cases if you hold a bachelor’s degree you may apply for a coursework master’s degree or for master’s study by coursework and thesis.


The University offers a number of generous masters’ awards and doctoral scholarships (for PhD and other doctoral-level study). These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, research ability (where applicable) and suitability within the department. No interview is required. Students already receiving a full scholarship covering tuition fees and living costs are not usually eligible.

Detailed Program Facts


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