Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring, PgDip/MSc in UK

Ulster University

Study in:United Kingdom
60 days
Deadline: 15 Aug 2019


The MSc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring by the Ulster University is ideal if you are already working in the environmental field.

The program therefore aims to be as flexible as possible in terms of the topics studied and will give you the opportunity to focus on areas of particular interest to you and/or the organisation for which you work.

The students enrol for this course to develop their professional knowledge and to acquire new skills. They do this to improve their career and promotion prospects, change their career, or, if they are recently graduated, to specialise in a new subject area to enhance their job prospects.

The specific objectives of the course are to develop an understanding of:

  • The general mechanisms of toxicity.
  • The basis of setting environmental quality standards.
  • The behaviour of contaminants in water, air and soil.
  • The legislative controls on contaminants.
  • Analysing large datasets using techniques such as Geographic Infomation Systems.

Program Structure

Courses included:

  • Environmental data analysis
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring Project

Academic Requirements

  • Entry to the PgDip:

You must hold an honours degree in a science or other suitable discipline or demonstrate your ability to undertake the course through the accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL).

  • Entry to the MSc:

You initially register for the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) and if you complete the PgDip with an overall mark of 50% or higher you can proceed to the MSc program.

Detailed Program Facts

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